two weeks to go

17 08 2010

0148 CST

i’m so sad! when i first came, i thought i had all the time in the world. now with 11 days to go… i feel like i’m racing against time.

if and when i come back, i want to:

– visit Alishan Hill between 10th March ~ 15th April to see Cherry Blossom season in bloom and the 神木 tree

– waddle around Yehliu GeoPark

– make a proper visit of kaohsiung+kending (sorry NN ;_; super regret it now); play on the beach; revisit aquarium

– see everyone again, even though time will change everything.

dang couldn’t find a proper picture. so i kinda made a collage of a few.


here we go

14 06 2010
0325 CST

Last finals week, bring it on.

Protected: the sweetest girl

10 06 2010

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End of Term

9 06 2010
2120 CST

I feel sad now because I didn’t get graduation flowers or a picture in my cap and gown in front of Haas…

And I also feel sad now because I am now in a bad relationship with my parents (since last week). I’m realizing again how much they love me and how much I miss them too. I kind of want to crawl back to my bed back home and lie next to my mom while she listens to me talk and gives me advice.

And I’m feeling blue because even though I haven’t even been at my local church 4 months yet (and I don’t even go very often since I’m often gone elsewhere), I was recently pulled aside by some older members to 被念/批評.
… for the fourth time.
When it happened for the first time, I just felt like it was ridiculous, but now that it’s the fourth time… I think there is a limit to how much I can bear. I never realized how much criticism hurt people until now, and I regret some criticisms I made in the past. While criticism is necessary for improvement and training and growth, a degree of moderation or gentleness in its application will soften the blow.

And I’m feeling sad because Chinese class ended last week and I’m starting to realize how absolutely much fun we had, how silly and crazy and cute our classes were… and how I will miss all the fun times I had in college, learning and (somewhat more) stress-free. 發呆… 哈哈. I really liked that environment… and I’m starting to wonder if I should now instead just have become a teacher.

I really dislike parting with these kind of happy moments and memories and good times– every time we have to move onto a new chapter of our lives. Loveboat, Infosys, China, College, Case Comp Teams/project-become-friends, IABC, so many clubs, so many trips, sleepovers, church activities,  long, late night talks or crazy only-college-students-would-do events and happenings and laughs… so many things all added up in these last few years of my life. They each and all become only happy yet bittersweet memories that we can never return to– because time and change and distance separate us. Hopefully, we trust and live on believing that only new memories and happiness and friends await.

I selected this one because I like the dated feel of this picture (credits to Niu!!! 牛?)– i look dead tired after a midnight drive to the mountains and watching-sunrise + 3 hour morning multi-km hike– and this was only lunch time, haha.


2 05 2010

2355 CST

Originally I thought… wow, this is so late! I am going to start with a long “going back in memory” trip and posting all my Europe pictures and thoughts/suggestions on this blog.. and do a historical “backwards-in-time countdown” of my first experiences in Taiwan as well. However, the time is getting late and I thought I had to make an entry today. :]

Today I returned from church’s 畢業生成長營 (college seniors’ prep-for-graduating-college camp) at 淡水. (It’s a short weekend seminar with talks about graduating, leaving college fellowship, going to work vs grad school/military service, relationships/marriage, studying abroad and such.) However, on Friday afternoon, I had received the worst exam grade I’d ever gotten, so when I came home, I suddenly saw a huge amount of unexpected and heartwarming/encouraging comments on my FB wall! Reading them, I felt incredibly touched and at the same time realized how trivial my college worries are. And then I checked my email to find an email I sent to myself on Wednesday, September 27, 2006. It was a total shock; I sent it at the beginning of my college adventure four years ago. And the letter briefly went something along the lines of: “hello, me. are you doing well? i can’t even begin to imagine myself 4 years from now… are you causing trouble for lots of people? i don’t know what will happen, but I am always cheering for you! my only self.”

And now an hour later, (after checking some emails from our college, about graduation ceremonies and memorabilia, and doing an online review/survey of our Haas Business school… and reflecting upon the classes I took, professors, projects, memorable moments… and remembering all the days I spent at the Haas building), as I was unpacking, I pulled out the “回憶故事” book I created this afternoon at the  畢業生成長營’s concluding lecture session. Flipping through it really quickly again before I was going to stash it in my closet, I suddenly felt nostalgic.

In this book, we chronicled the last 4 years of our lives, on plot diagrams of school, faith, health and relationships for each year of college. there are also pages for “有些事情來不及” (things we couldn’t accomplish in time) and “我留下了什麼(收穫…)” (reflections, things we learned and gained from our experiences) and “畢業後對自己的期許” (hopes and expectations for the future life after graduation) as well as a final page full of blessings/encouragements us attendees wrote each other (mostly about our 未來)! :]

Looking back, my college life has been so abundant! so many happy times, sad memories, learning and growth… I have really changed since I first embarked on my college “chapter.” Now, I only wonder what awaits!~

Sorry, this will be two posts in a row about <feeling … sentimental about these last 4 years of my life>. NEXT STOP: my adventures abroad!

hehe P.S. A so-and-so named P—- just brought us two full cakes!!! at 1am in the morning… one is from amo*!!!! hurrah~

Tickets Booked!

9 12 2009

1617 PST

我的飛機票終於要被定了!好期待明年的旅行,真的好像一個新的 adventure 在等待我。但我現在還在期末考中,所以有點煩惱,心裡面還是感覺悶悶的,不穩定,有點害怕,有點緊張。我真討厭考試!放學後就馬上可以開始想明年的過程了!可惜的是,雖然還沒感覺到"我要離開這四年的大學生活",我相信離開這地方後,我一定會懷/想念UC Berkeley. I wonder when it will finally hit me that I’m leaving and not coming back.


12/30 Los Angeles – Philadelphia*

1/4 Philadelphia – Los Angeles*

1/31 Los Angeles – London

2/15 London – Taipei

8/?? Taipei – Seoul*

8/?? Seoul – Tokyo*

8/?? Tokyo – Taipei*

8/29 Taipei – Los Angeles

i can’t find a picture that accurately describes my excitement, but if i had to choose words, they would probably have tags of: child, excitement, vibrant, colorful, adventure, fun, jump, running, travel.

Hello world!

11 11 2009

Blog Start!